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JGallery : good news

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It seems my code is OK for EXIF in generated copies.

The problem comes from the soft that rotated the original file :

  • Windows preview : KO (2 tones effect)
  • Photoshop Elements 2 : KO (no EXIF in generated image)
  • Photoshop Elements 3 : OK

So, I will now rotate my photos exclusively with PSE 3.

Version will now be soon available. I have some checks to do on memory usage before release.

Later, I will also try to make rotation in JGallery (and detect needed rotations from EXIF), but this will be in a future version.

I also spent time on the UI. Nothing really impressive, but I have some ideas on future of JGallery. Some inspired by Romain Guy (author of Jext, on which I did some work for 2 plugins),

Pour mes lecteurs francophones, vous aurez remarqué que mes posts concernant JGallery sont maintenant en anglais. En effect, je sais que certains utilisateurs de JGallery sont anglophones. Donc en attendant l’installation d’un plugin multilingue qui fonctionne de manière à me satisfaire, la VO pour JGallery est l’anglais.

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