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o.r.i.g.i.n.a.l est un front-end php pour gallerie Web.

JGallery 0.1 est un utilitaire Java que j'ai développé pour générer les images (index, ...) sur lesquelles se base le front-end pour générer les pages html.

JGallery is a java front-end for original developped to generate images (thumbnail, ...) that are required to original de make web pages.

Suivez les instructions sur la page de téléchargement.

Follow instructions on download page

Warning : some problem could occur with installer. See Problem with and InstallAnywhere in the forum.

screenshots are here
changes (05-03-2004)

  • mail screen added (to send reducted images for example)
  • preference screen completed to type mail preferences (server, ...) (23-02-2004)

  • enhanced UI
  • preference screen added (preferences saved at user level)
  • JGoodies Forms library used (http://www.jgoodies.com/) (26-01-2004)

  • bug of img-0 corrected (see bug thread for description) (15-07-2003)

  • splash screen added
  • extend images file format support (J2SE version 1.4 required)
  • improve source code
  • frame not resizable (13-05-2003)

  • generates thumbs images (120px)
  • generates low (640px) and medium (800px) quality images
  • you can choose several files (gif,jpg) in a directory or an entire directory (images files are filtered : jpg)
  • progress monitor during files creation
  • activity log
  • JGoodies L&F (http://www.jgoodies.com/)

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